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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SSM) takes influence from modern trends and popularity from social media platforms. Social media platforms have made it possible to connect with thousands of potential leads from around the world, regardless of language and time zone. Using social media marketing strategies, your business can easily reach thousands of users within seconds, compared to traditional marketing methods.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy takes into account your target audience. If you’re an online fashion retailer with clothes made for young, working women, you’ll want a social media profile that is catered towards these women’s interests, backgrounds, and practical settings. This can be done by creating a social media profile that is unique in aesthetic and with strategies that continually engage new and existing clients such as sales or discount promos.

Since social media platforms are free-to-use, this creates an innovative way to push your content that is matched with similar pages or interests of regular users. Facebook Ads and sponsored posts on Instagram help business allocate ad space for their company’s message and branding and can strategically be placed on potential clients’ pages for reference based on their preferences. If you operate a barbershop for men, for example, placing service and product ads on a lead’s social media timeline can help redirect them to your page if they’re looking for a new place to get a haircut. Many companies utilize such algorithms and services to reach clients who have previously searched for similar products and services.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Like paid advertising, pay per click or PPC, will drive new leads to your website at a much faster rate. Sure, potential leads have the option to go looking for your products and services organically and via search engines, but PPC is a simpler way to cut out the search engine and take them directly to your site. When you advertise on a third-party social media platform with an ad, both you and the affiliate website will receive a commission based on how many leads click on your ad from the host website and follow through. This creates a connection between both you and the host website and puts ease into searching for services and products that your clients may not know how to otherwise find with traditional search engines.


Social media is also a great way to post your business’s portfolio online for free, regardless if you’re a cake decorator, home builder, or even a makeup artist. Through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, you can easily upload pictures and information that drive clients to see your work firsthand. This allows them to grasp the type and quality of work you’re able to perform and can answer any questions regarding your business itself, such as opening hours or your main website. If your industry requires customizing your work for clients, social media has proven to provide a fantastic platform to showcase skill level and customer satisfaction.

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