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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is comprised of a number of factors that help determine how easily your website can be viewed and accessed by customers searching for your products and services through popular search engines. When you use search engines such as Google or Bing to find a particular product or service, you’ll notice that the websites appearing with your search appear in a calculated rank. Based on keywords and algorithms done via the search engine, SEO helps push your website to the top of the search list, making it more obvious for clients to access and view.

Client Needs

Search engine optimization requires understanding what exactly it is that your clients are looking for. When clients are in the market for something particular, they’ll often use phrases or keywords to narrow down the search. In order to better match with what your clients are looking for, you’ll have to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. If you operate a car dealership, for example, you’ll want to create website content that caters toward clients looking for a new car, a specific model, or within a short radius to them, rather than opting for generic car information that can be redundant or too general.


Keywords are crucial to match your products and services to the needs of the clients. Keywords are often words or phrases that help describe what your business is offering and duplicate what a potential lead would search for in the search engine. Customers looking for a new car would usually type in phrases such as, “car dealership near me” versus, simply, “new car” as the former would result in more specific search results. When you include relevant keywords or phrases into your content and frequently, it helps connect clients directly to your business. Therefore, it is also beneficial to include the keywords or phrases in headlines, titles, and taglines of content previews, or meta descriptions, as well.


As mentioned previously, your ranking on the search engine results also helps dictate how often and easily clients can view your company’s website. Studies have shown that customers searching for specific services and products want results that are quick, popular, and indirectly, more trustworthy. Very few customers will spend extra time scrolling through pages of results and often pick from the options listed on the first or second page of results. Because of this, your company’s website ranking is important to gain more visibility as the higher it is on the results page could increase its viewing potential.

Increase Visits

As a whole, search engine optimization and social media marketing is designed to help you increase visits to the website. When clients are looking for specific services and products, your website has the potential to appear as the first result, on top of the page, when SEO is performed correctly. Furthermore, it is important to gauge clients’ needs and search habits, along with the individualized keywords or phrases associated with your services and products.

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