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Call Tracking

Call tracking software helps to combine and analyze call data from clients as a response to different marketing channels. When a business launches an ad both on or offline with a number to contact for information, the clients that reach out to that phone number in response to the ad are then documented as leads in the call tracking system. This information is crucial to understanding how different clients react to particular types of ads and whether or not they prefer.

Call Management

For larger businesses that see a high volume of incoming calls to their service lines, instead of juggling the stress of each call, call management services to help regulate the calls as they come. With call management, you can easily manage and service numerous calls and clients all at once, ensuring that each one receives prompt and quality care when being answered. If you’re a company with a reach across the country, you may also want to utilize our resources for geographical routing, where calls can be routed to their nearest service center based on their location. This proves more helpful to clients, especially those in different time zones.

Conversation Analytics

Conversation analytics allows deeper insight into why clients make the calls they do. If a customer is unhappy with a product or service and reaches out to your company for assistance, the initial call is a way to easily rectify the situation. Clients may also call in using keywords relevant to the products and services they’re looking to gain assistance with, which can easily be measured and tracked for future reporting. If a client calls in referencing a product, in particular, and uses the keywords associated with that product, we can track the call as a successful lead.

Call Reporting

While it’s important to track the calls themselves, you’ll also want help in reporting to compile that data and make future decisions. Call reporting helps put recent or relevant call data into an easy-to-read reporting system so you can determine what ads are useful and drive traffic, or make decisions about other ads that see less success. This type of reporting is especially helpful to clients that want to launch campaigns or are looking to invest in particular ads with the intent of high revenue.

Real-time Results

Real-time results help you make decisions for future ads and marketing strategies based on your clients’ active interests, comments, and concerns. With call tracking software, you can easily record previous phone calls to see what clients inquire most about. For example, if you launch a promotional ad online, but many callers come in stating that the listed promotional code doesn’t work, then you can easily readjust and fix any bugs that are occurring. Other instances may see potential leads call with dissatisfied feedback about the promotional code not working on certain products or the details of the promotional were misleading. In such a case, this type of feedback can also influence future business decisions when altering an existing promotional or launching a new one. We are also providing the website designing and development service as well.

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